Case Study: MST Systems


MST Systems is an active client. The site is an ecommerce website built on Umbraco 8 and utilises the powerful ecommerce platform Vendr.


Monday, July 26, 2021

MST Systems

MST Systems, established in 2016, is a multi-faceted business. They offer online coaching services for Strongman and Powerlifting training, and the website is used to advertise those services.

There is also an ecommerce side as they sell e-books, training equipment and offer a subscription service to a Strongman training programme.

The company has gone from strength-to-strength over the last few years, bringing many online clients as well as world class athletes to their roster, who compete in World's Strongest Man competition each year.

Blackbeard Solutions developed a bespoke website, to enable MST Systems to further their online presence to advertise their services and offer an enquiry form for potential clients to contact them. The website also enabled them to branch out in to online sales with an e-commerce platform developed.


Why Umbraco?

Umbraco was advised to be used for not only the safe, secure and user friendly platform for editing, but also the flexibility it offers with expanding in to other areas.

Using the CMS has provided a platform to offer rich content for the website, and able to advertise their services cleanly and efficiently, as well as providing a platform to expand in to other areas such as e-commerce using the amazing offerings there is for e-commerce platforms on Umbraco.


Vendr is an e-commerce platform for Umbraco 8, and is how preferred e-commerce platform offering for Umbraco due to its seamless integration in to Umbraco, keeping that same user friendly interface and ease of use when managing the online store. 

It also provided easy integration of online payment systems for the website, as well as the flexibility MST Systems needed to be able to support multiple product types on the website.

The website needed to be able to support digital downloads in the form of e-books, physical products with the training equipment and a subscription service signup for recurring monthly payments. All these product types have their own unique product/shipping properties.

Vendr offered the flexibility to be able to support these requirements incredibly easily. Not only that, Vendr is a hugely affordable product for small businesses, which made it even more preferable.

The Goal

The main goal was to reach new potential clients for online coaching, provide a professional looking web presence for MST Systems, and a platform for online sales.

Very few online coaching services for strength training operate as a full business, and many are simply an individual who runs, advertises and promotes their business entirely through social media. MST Systems wanted to run it more as a business, using the website to generate rich content to really showcase what they can provide, as well as use the website to offer free content out to visitors.

This helped breakaway from strictly running everything on social media and make marketing much more manageable. Even just being able to funnel enquiries off to the website and the use of an online contact form instead of social media messages provided a much more business friendly approach.

The e-commerce side is to provide a means for subscription service signups, ability to purchase digital download offerings and training equipment, further evolving the business which wouldn't have been possible as easily without the website.


The site was a brand new site launch, so analytics and organic traffic to the site soon started to grow. The site targets key search terms in SEO and ranks highly amongst the most popular search terms, bringing in a lot of organic traffic each month. The content on the site helps target key search terms too that are popular.

Since the site launch, MST Systems has had to hire 3 additional coaches to assist in the client intake for online coaching. The influx in client interest has due to the website providing a platform that offers a great deal of detail in marketing the services that MST Systems provides, so visitors can get all the information they need instead of countless messages on social media beforehand asking for more information, which was what was happening before.

Future Work

MST Systems plans to further expand in to other areas, and will be working with Blackbeard Solutions to help achieve these future goals.

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